Bio: My Bio — In My Own Words I was inspired to get a set of bowls and start working with them after I went to Spa Moksha in Birmingham, Alabama in 2001 for Ayurvedic treatments. The treatments included sound healing massage. The massage therapist played the bowls as part of the massage sessions. The bowls sound was amazing, my body took in the sound in an amazing way. It made me aware of what was happening not just with my body, but with my energy field as well. The sessions I had were magical and transformative. As the bowls were played in the small massage room, the pure sound moved all over the place, around me, above me and through me; it was truly amazing. A few years later, I met Pat who runs Harmony Learning Center and she asked if I was interested in working with the bowls at her center on an ongoing basis. I gladly accepted her offer and began monthly sessions. After months of sessions I developed my own style from working with the bowls and my voice. I did research about others who work with the bowls from a book called “The Healing Tones of the Crystal Bowls” by Renee Brodie that had stories of how other sound healers have worked with them. I incorporated a technique from the book that included not just sounding the bowls from base chakra to crown chakra but also going down from crown chakra to base chakra so the receiver would be back in their bodies and grounded. I also figured out an arrangement of the bowls that work well. I set the bowls up in a V pattern with the crown bowl above the head on the floor and the base bowl below the feet. This arrangement encourages the flow of energy to move around the triangle. In 2006 I attended a Chopra Center Meditation retreat at a Lake Lanier Resort that included a bowl Master named Andrew Clark. I had the amazing opportunity to exchange sound treatments with him. He put my largest bowl on my shins and played it while his partner played a second bowl on the floor above my head. Another magical moment for me as my bones resonated with this incredible sound and harmonics were created by the sound of the second bowl mixing with sound with the one on my legs. He also put a bowl on my lower back and played it while a second bowl played on the floor above my head. Andrew showed me new ways of working with the bowls on the body and how to combine 2 and 3 bowls to create amazing harmonics using Pythagorean Musical Correspondences. The work that I do now incorporates what I have learned from Andrew and my own research and experience. Now I refine what I do with my bowls and my voice. I try new ways of working with the bowls establishing my own style and method in a unique and healing way.

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